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Congratulations is a 95 minutes Indie short film directed by Eric M. Levy and Juan Cardarelli. The movie is written by Eric M. Levy, Brian Dietzen, Juan Cardarelli and Abby Miller, starring the famous actors Brian Dietzen, Abby Miller, Kevin Rankin, and Debra Jo Rupp. The genre of the movie involves drama, family, and comedy.

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Mary Muse

An aspiring new filmmaker and a die hard fan of Indie Cinema. She has been producing short films for last five years and Congratulations has just become the new inspiration for her work. She is hard working, dedicated and thinks she can relate to many characters of the movie.

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Congratulations Trailer

When Jim proposes to his girlfriend Bridget things go bad fast.

Brian Dietzen
Abby Miller
Kevin Rankin
Debra Jo Rupp
Terryn Westbrook
Blaise Miller
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August 17, 2016


Love is what makes life move. When two souls become one, they share every bit of their life, laughter and tears with each other and they […]