Love is what makes life move. When two souls become one, they share every bit of their life, laughter and tears with each other and they handle all sorts of problems together. But what if one day you come to know that while you are madly and deeply in love with your partner, you both have distinguished plans for future? This idea is exactly what is represented in the new Indie short film “Congratulations.”

brian-dietzen-30347-gross (1)The Indie film “Congratulations” focuses on two lovers, Jim (played by Brian Dietzen) and Bridget (played by Abby Miller). Jim is deeply in love with his girlfriend Bridget. And she is absolutely crazy about him too. Jim thinks it’s the best relationship of their lives. So, one day, on a weekend trip planned to see his recently widowed mother, Jim decides to surprise Bridget with a marriage proposal on their way. But what happens next is what Jim had never thought about. Bridget refuses his proposal.

On the other hand, when Jim and Bridget reach home, Jim and his mother’s childhood friend Casey thinks that they are committed. So, Jim and Bridget pretend to be engaged as long as they stay over the weekend. But their relationship takes on a roller coaster ride after what happens next. They both put their best effort to manage and recognize the situations they both faced in their lives and about their relationship that leads toward Bridget’s denial, and also to ponder upon what can be done to correct their past mistakes and resolve their relationship issues.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this film is a deep and emotional insight into relationships and how these relationships are dealt with nowadays. There is no relationship in the world that can go on without discussions, be it family and friend relationships or one which involves lovers. This film doesn’t portray any strong opinions or something, but it’s that one film which you can use a case study for analyzing your own life, so you can understand the true meaning of love and marriage and what truly carries importance at the end of the day.

digital-camera-1281248_1280The profound emotion of the movie “Congratulations” comes to life through its outstanding cast of actors. These actors have proved themselves earlier in shows like Justified, That 70’s Show, Friday Late Nights, and NCIS. But their depiction in this movie shows their true potential.

Unlike other engagement or marriage-themed movies, Congratulations conveniently combines the drama of the conflicting marital opinions of the couple with the comedy of acting to be engaged.

August 17, 2016


Love is what makes life move. When two souls become one, they share every bit of their life, laughter and tears with each other and they […]